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Warranty Registration

Electrowave ultrasonic cleaners, when used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions are guaranteed for eighteen (18) months in ES and SU-series systems, and one (1) year in EW-series systems from date of shipment. Warranty covers all defective parts, including labor. Stainless steel tanks and cabinets are guaranteed for five (5) years in general, and for ten (10) years against cavitational erosion.

Transducer bonding is unconditionally guaranteed for the life of the system, which under normal conditions could easily be ten (10) to twenty (20) years or more.

Normal operation of this unit will not require periodic service. lf the unit fails to operate satisfactorily, return it to Electrowave Ultrasonic Corporation (address below) for inspection and repair. There are no internal serviceable parts in Electrowave's units.  Unauthorized service of an Electrowave unit may void the warranty.

Service and Warranty Returns

Service Address

Electrowave Ultrasonics Corporation
Attention:  Service Department
29115-K Valley Center Road
Valley Center, CA 92082

We are very sorry for your trouble and apologizes for the difficulty. Problems are quite unusual, but occasionally happen. Please return the unit to the address listed above for a service assessment, or send an email for part purchases to service@electrowaveultrasonics.com
Electrowave returns repaired equipment by UPS ground if you're located within the Contiguous United States.

When returning the unit please include the following information:

  • Do not return accessories (baskets, covers, etc.), as Electrowave will not be responsible for the loss of these items.
  • Attach a business card or Shipping Note to your ultrasonic cleaner that includes your name, email address, phone no., and shipping address
  • Describe the problem you're having with the unit.
  • Indicate if the unit is under warranty.
  • Provide shipping information for:
    • foreign destinations
    • domestic shipping addresses if you do not wish to use UPS ground.
  • Electrowave's Service Office will contact you regarding any costs prior to repair.
Sincerely, Electrowave Ultrasonic Corporation

 Electrowave Ultrasonics Corporation