Electrowave Ultrasonics Corporation

Our tanks are constructed of tough 18-8 stainless steel corrosive resistant metal. The sizes EW3 to EW22 are deep drawn seamless containers. Due to the construction of these tanks there is a taper in deep drawn tanks making the bottom narrower than the tank dimension at the top of the tank. 


An example of this taper is as follows:
Model Inside Bottom*  Inside Top
EW13 17.5" X   3.5" 20"  X   6"
EW21 17"   X   8.75" 20"  X   12"
EW22             17"   X   9" 20"  X   12"
All dimensions are approximate.

Sizes EW24 and above are fabricated from flat stock. They are TIG welded and are straight sided.

Stainless steel tanks and cabinets are guaranteed for five (5) years in general, and for ten (10) years against cavitational erosion.

Electrowave Ultrasonics Corporation