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You probably know that when it comes time to put an Ultrasonic Mini Blind Cleaning business together, you have to consider some logical questions.

For example:
1. Is this Machine designed specifically to clean Mini blinds?
2. Will my purchasing this machine be cost-effective?
3. How does this machine compare to other machines on the market?

Electrowave Brand Ultrasonic Mini Blind Cleaning Machines deliver on all points. Our many years of technical experience in ultrasonic designs has produced a machine that is truly ahead of its time. Because Electrowave is the manufacturer of the equipment we sell, we can save you 40-50 percent on you next cleaning machine purchase.

You can start tapping into this lucrative market today, more cost effectively than you ever thought possible. Don't miss this great opportunity to SAVE BIG on your purchase of an Electrowave Brand Ultrasonic Mini Blind Cleaning System. Contact our sales department NOW.



All you're looking for is a quality machine that'll do the job right... a minimum of hassle... at a price you can afford. Now is that really too much to ask?

Not if you make the decision to utilize an Electrowave Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, in you're new or existing business, it isn't! Because Electrowave Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines deliver! In fact, high quality of materials and workmanship is what's made the Electrowave brand what it is today one of the nation's leading O.E.M. manufacturers. And if you're looking for an affordable price, Electrowave is the name to know.

 Nowhere will you find more value for each dollar you spend. Because Electrowave is a manufacturer (not a distributor or private label reseller) we can offer, direct to the public, 5 foot machines starting at under eight thousand dollars! That's right. Manufacturer direct for under eight thousand dollars. Compare to the others that start at $13,000 or $14,000. That's a savings to you of $6,000 to $7,000.

Your purchase of an Electrowave Cleaning Machine can tap you into a rich new source of income, month after month, that will continue for many years to come. It's the smart cost-effective way to break into the lucrative field of Ultrasonic Mini Blind Cleaning... one that pays you back over and over again.

Please take a few minutes to review the enclosed material on Electrowave Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines. Then call us today and start cleaning your way to higher profits. Don't delay



The entrepreneurial revolution is in full swing all across America and "new soldiers" are joining the force everyday. Electrowave Ultrasonic Manufacturing Corporation addresses these "recruits" and their specific needs as only the manufacturer, who engineers, designs and fabricates it's own equipment can. Electrowave Corporation has the flexibility to make design changes to accommodate your special needs, or add any optional equipment you might desire. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur and have a desire to become a successful business owner, Electrowave provides you the opportunity to own and operate a business of your own at a price you can afford.

 Purchasing an Electrowave ultrasonic blind cleaner has many advantages for the beginning entrepreneur. Did you know that the latest figures from the Small Business Administration and the Service Corp Of Retired Executives (SCORE) reveal that only 1 in 20 new business start-ups will survive the first year? That's a very high failure rate. Did you know that 'inadequate cash flown is the most frequently reported reason for so many failures? Simply put, these businesses that "didn't make it" ran out of cash to continue operations and had to close their doors. That's why it makes sound business sense to choose Electrowave when you purchase your blind cleaning machine.

Because purchasing an Electrowave brand ultrasonic blind cleaner offers savings of $6,000 minimum over the next closest price from competitors offering comparable equipment, your cash flow picture is vastly improved. $6,000 can mean the difference between success and failure for the new business start up, especially in the first critical year of operation. A new business start up needs to take advantage of every opportunity to insure success. Only Electrowave Corporation offers you an unparalled opportunity to get into a field that is still in it's infancy, with unlimited potential for growth, at a price that will increase your chances of success and won't put you in a "cash flow crunch".



Many of our competitors churn out reams of literature, which discuss the hardware end of the ultrasonic blind cleaning business, and often little is mentioned about the importance of using the proper cleaning solution. This is not surprising since most of our competitors are only distributors or private label resellers of the equipment they sell, and not actual manufacturers with the intimate knowledge of cleaning chemistry that many years of experience in the manufacturing of equipment and chemical solutions can provide. Electrowave Ultrasonic Manufacturing Corporation formulates and products cleaning chemicals specifically for ultrasonic cleaning machines. We do not buy standard, off the shelf, cleaning solutions and repackage them, as most of our competitors do.

 Actually the ultrasonic cleaning process is the proper combination of equipment and cleaning solution. There are a myriad of cleaning chemicals on the market, most of which will work to various extents. Ultimately the choice of cleaning chemicals will be left to the individual user. Here at EW we have spent considerable research time developing a cleaning solution for use at the U.S. Mint (Sacramento, CA.) for the cleaning of coin dies. This is a general purpose concentrate solution that sells very well and has accomplished some amazing results! EW-93 will remove grease and tar faster than 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Freon 113, and any other chemical of that type, yet is completely water soluble and contains no CFC, CHC's etc. EW-93 is fully biodegradable and USDA approved.

 It is our guarantee that you will find no better cleaner at any price! Once you have seen EW-93 work you will never use anything else. Since originating this cleaner for the U.S. Mint we have sold much of it to government agencies around the world and it continues to be a bestseller. Our best salesmen are our customers.









    Electrowave Ultrasonics Corporation

Blind Cleaners - Fully Industrial Professional Ultrasonic


   Inside Tank Dimensions     L" X W" X D"

         Overall Dimensions          L" X W" X D"

With Timer Price

With timer and Heater Price




$ 7995.00

$ 8495.00




$ 8995.00

$ 9595.00




$ 9995.00

$ 10695.00 




$ 10995.00

$ 11795.00




$ 11995.00

$ 12895.00




$ 12995.00

$ 13995.00

 Electrowave Ultrasonics Corporation

Utilizes Electrowave's Langevin Bolt (Vibra-Bar) Transducers. Locking casters, Timer, Intensity and Heat
Control Switching are all Standard. Our blind cleaners are built to the strictest of standards all tanks are
double walled. All units come with manuals.

Added information and options:
Model Single Tank - Ultrasonic Tank
Model Dual Tank - Ultrasonic Tank plus Rinse Tank 
Model Triple Tank - Ultrasonic Tank plus Two Rinse Tanks
Custom Size Dimensions: Length x Width x Depth
Heat 1800 Watts (Controlled and Fully Insulated)
Electrowave EW-93 Cleaner available in 1, 5, or 30 gallon containers.
Enviro-Blu Concentrate available in 1, 5, or 30 gallon containers.
Spot-Off Rinse Aid available in 1, 5, or 30 gallon containers.
Shipping: FOB point is San Diego, CA.
Models 500-1000 are trucked directly to your door. Any address in the US or Canada. Call for an exact quote. The delivery schedule is based upon our workload at the time of your order. Payments are due at the time of the orders acceptance - half down and the balance with final arrangements.


Single tank unit

Dual Tank Unit


WHY 40 - 55 KHz?

  Electrowave Ultrasonic Manufacturing Corporation utilizes an extremely efficient and high power transducer design like none other in the industry. No other manufacturer in the world offers the cavitation intensity or the wide range of frequencies (13 KHz - 100 KHz) that Electrowave does, Since 1954 Electrowave and it's founding corporations have been prime contractors in aerospace and high tech military ultrasound applications. From these many years of experience in developing exotic and high power output systems, Electrowave has advanced the science of ultrasound and its many and varied applications.

The general rules regarding frequency selection are as follows, lower frequencies (13 KHz - 35 KHz) are utilized in the cleaning of large objects and heavy assemblies which are not overly complex or highly intricate in design. Mid range frequencies (36 KHz - 60 KHz) are utilized in the cleaning of medium sized and medium weight objects which have characteristics that fall between very simple and highly intricate (such as mini blinds). High end frequencies (61 KHz - 100 KHz) are best utilized in the cleaning of smaller or lighter weight objects that are highly intricate in design, where cavitation needs to penetrate into deep cracks or crevices, (such as jewelry or clock movements and parts),

Although the correct frequency is important it is not the only factor to consider in choosing a system that is best suited to the cleaning of mini blinds. In addition to frequency is the D33 rating (movement to millivolt) of the ceramic, piezoelectric elements, here Electrowave far and away surpasses all the competition, only Electrowave has a D33 rating that produces cavitation intensity that is a minimum of 15% greater than any other manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment. No other manufacturer can offer you more power at any price. Recent testing of a competitors blind cleaning machine yielded a 40% failure rate. This means 40 out of every 100 blinds had to be cleaned by band scrubbing, the machine design and cavitation intensity was not adequate to thoroughly clean the blinds and had to resort to manual cleaning by hand. Don't take chances with your future by purchasing a poorly designed and underpowered machine from a company that is not a manufacturer of the equipment they sell.

  While the lower frequencies of 26 KHz will clean objects such as mini blinds, testing has shown that this frequency is too abrasive for the application of blind cleaning. High frequencies of around 80 KHz are not of sufficient intensity to thoroughly clean mini blinds in the large tanks that are required for this purpose. The frequency range of 40 KHz - 55 KHz is optimal for the specific task of cleaning mini blinds. Electrowave Corporation has designed an Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning System that sweeps these optimum frequencies; this produces blinds that are spotlessly clean and requires no additional hand cleaning. The accented area below shows the optimum frequencies for the cleaning of mini blinds.

Electrowave cleaning equipment sweeps these optimum frequencies, sweeping multiple frequencies yields superior results over single frequency type equipment. Only Electrowave offers sweep frequency ultrasound in blind cleaning machines.


 Electrowave Ultrasonics Corporation